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Looking for help with the metric system? S I Jakub Associates has provided metrication services to corporations, state and federal government agencies, and small businesses for over 20 years.

Join the thousands of executive, contracting, engineering, designer, production, purchasing, maintenance, and administrative personnel who have benefited from our services and turned their knowledge into profit.

S I Jakub Associates is a leader in the field, and counts among its clients Fortune 100 companies, and a wide variety of organizations, big and small.

If your clients include the US Government, State DOTs, global or foreign companies, or if you plan for acquisition abroad or building a metric machinery, call us. We can help you make that transition easy and inexpensive. We will warn you of potential surprises, find metric products for you.

  • Personnel training
  • Foreign documents interpretation
  • The conversion of drawings and specifications
  • Checking conformance with current standards
  • Technical and non-technical proofreading
  • Standards manuals update
  • The design of comprehensive company changeover strategies

Background Information on Metrication

Satisfied clients include NASA, Otis Elevator, General Electric, Shuttleworth, Bell and Howell, Pennsylvania DOT, Rockwell International, Perkin-Elmer, Association of General Contractors, Tambrands, Gillette, U.S. General Service Administration, Johnson&Johnson, Cooper, R A Jones, International Fuel Cells.

To learn more about the modern metric system, you might want to visit the SI Navigator web site. It provides a large amount of information and has links to many other good sites.

Throughout the history of industrialization, people have been trying to limit the number of measurement systems in use so that today, only two systems, inch-pound and metric, predominate in the industrial nations. Since its inception two centuries ago, the metric system has been gaining ground while all the others have been losing.

The pressure for unification on one system is mounting. For over a decade, ours has been the last and only country that remains uncommitted to the unification in the sense that no nationwide mandate for metric that includes the private sector has been established. Individual industries, societies and organizations have, however, been making steps to adopt metric for some time.

Why Metric?

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